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    Come what may - No Nicotine Today!
    Hang on to your quit - image- you will have no regrets - honest!



    Reply from Yersinia:
    Thanks Chipits, your encouragement is appreciated. :-) Listen, as I suspected might happen, I got kicked off Freedom (posting privileges revoked) because I dared to complain to the managers who deleted a post I wrote which I could not comprehend how it broke a rule (and (I also went so far as to say if that's really a rule, IMO it's stupid). Hey, well, if I could speak my mind as a smoker, I can keep on speaking my mind an EX-smoker too! :-) Anyway, because as a non-poster I can no longer access my online quit smoking journal I asked them to please take it down. Could you do me a favor and check the forum and see if they did it? Thanks for everything, and Qapla!